Tips for Wearing Compression Stockings in the Summer

Compression stockings can be very effective in reducing the discomfort sometimes associated with varicose veins. However, wearing those tight socks during the heat of the summer can make even those bulging veins look less gruesome. The good news is you can maintain your compression therapy during the summer months without losing your cool with these easy tips from Incredible Veins Skin & Body.

Try Sheer
Forgo the opaque styles this season and opt for sheer selections that allow a little leg to show through. This design can be much more attractive under skirts and shorts, without compromising the support your legs need even more when the temperatures rise. The sheer fabric also allows skin to breathe under the extra support.

Go Low
Instead of donning the full panty styles of compression hose, opt for thigh-highs or knee-high socks that keep your waistband and crotch area from getting overheated and irritated. These stockings can look attractive with shorts and skirts, and let you maintain the support where you need it most – in the lower leg.

Consider Footless Styles
At the same time, you can choose toeless or footless styles of compression stockings that allow you to wear your favorite pair of sandals without compromising support. At the same time, these specialty stockings give your feet room to breathe, which can effectively keep your entire body a few degrees cooler. If you wear the stockings under pants or a maxi-skirt, no one will ever know your support secret!

Select Moisture-Free Fabrics
Summer is the time to select fabrics that effectively wick moisture away from the body and keep you cooler. Look specifically for styles that promise to keep your body temperature down, with special proven features like silver ions. You can also add a bit of baby powder to areas like behind the knees to keep potential sweat at bay.

Opt for Color
Basic black may be the color of choice for the cooler months, but summer weather calls for lighter brighter colors. In addition to coordinating better with your summer wardrobe, lighter hues more effectively reflect the light and keep your legs a bit cooler. Today, you can find compression stockings in nearly every shade, allowing you to protect your legs without sacrificing your fashion sense.

While compression stockings may help ward off the painful symptoms of varicose veins, they won’t stop the veins from forming or from worsening over time. If you would like a more permanent solution to your uncomfortable varicose veins, the professional team at Incredible Veins Skin & Body has a number of minimally-invasive, highly-effective treatments to choose from. Call us today at 818-900-2700 to find out which vein treatment is right for you.

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