The Benefits of Combining Cosmetic Procedures

There are plenty of effective, non-surgical cosmetic treatments today, designed to do everything from turn back the clock to create a clearer complexion. For patients that have multiple skin concerns, a combination of cosmetic procedures may be the best option. At Skin & Body Solutions, we have a number of good reasons to consider combining your cosmetic procedures into a single treatment session.

Convenience and Efficiencyz,
Scheduling more than one cosmetic procedure at one time is a convenient way to meet your aesthetic goals without spending extra time or money. Undergoing more than one procedure may take a bit of extra time in your treatment session, but is much quicker than returning to the office for multiple visits. At the same time, some patients find combined treatments are more cost effective, since expenses like anesthesia only need to be administered once. Some physicians also offer discounts on treatments when more than one is performed at a time.

More Dramatic Results
By addressing multiple concerns at once, you can walk out of your treatment sporting much more dramatic results. In a single session, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin and even enhance your facial contouring to achieve a more youthful look. Combined treatments help you achieve results comparable to those typically obtained through more invasive surgical procedures.

Safety of Multiple Procedures
One reason it is more common to combine procedures today is the fact that many cosmetic treatments have become much safer in recent years. As techniques and technology have evolved, many aesthetic treatments are much less ablative and result in less damage to surrounding skin and tissue. This allows physicians to perform multiple treatments without concern about increasing a patient’s side effects or recovery time.

Common Procedure Combinations
It is very common today to combine skin rejuvenation, such as laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels, with anti-aging injectable treatments like neuromodulators or soft tissue fillers. You can also combine skin treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels to enhance the results of both procedures. Some patients choose to combine skin procedures with body contouring like CoolSculpting to produce a total look for trips or special occasions.

With so many options in cosmetic treatments today, it is easy to customize procedures to the unique needs and desired outcome of each patient. For some, that often means combining treatments into a single session to achieve multiple aesthetic goals at one time. To learn more about your options in combining cosmetic treatments, contact the Skin & Body Solutions staff at 780-489-2995.

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